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Drain Cleaning in San Jose

Let’s be honest about it, clogged or blocked drains are not something that the average San Jose resident thinks about very often. However, like any problem in life, the more you ignore it the worse it becomes. While, it is true that many clogged drains in your bathroom or kitchen can be solved with a good plunger and some elbow grease, the fact of the matter is that on certain occasions, the scale of the blockage may require professional assistance to resolve it. If you are based in the San Jose area, then there is only one number to call.

Offering the best drain cleaning services in San Jose, Mike Counsil Plumbing takes immense pride in the quality and convenient service that we offer residential and commercial building owners across San Jose. Our expert team of plumbers are experienced and skilled in cleaning drains in a time-efficient fashion. What’s more, the competitive nature of our prices means that having your drains cleaned will not break the bank. So, what are you waiting for? If your drains are blocked, clogged or simply not operating to their optimal level, then why not call the drain cleaning experts who are here to serve you today. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

A 24/7 Service

Our certified, licensed team of professional and bonded plumbers are passionate about drain cleaning. It is this desire to go above and beyond for our clients that sets us apart from other plumbing teams in San Jose. One of the clearest examples of this commitment to serving our customers’ needs is our 24/7 drain cleaning service. At Mike Counsil Plumbing, we are acutely aware that plumbing and drain-related issues can strike at any time, that is why it is important that there is a high-quality plumbing service here for you to use at any time of day or night.

Advanced Technology

Using the most cutting-edge drain cleaning technologies, Mike Counsil Plumbing has the skill and expertise to clean and unblock drains of all types. Our expertly trained team of plumbing professionals can guarantee that your compromised drain will be unblocked in no time at all. So, whether it is a toilet, kitchen sink, sewer line or downspout that is causing the problem, you can rest assured knowing that with Mike Counsil’s team on the job the problem will be fixed in no time at all.

Common Causes for Clogged Drains

If your drains are clogged then this usually means that there is something wet, slimy and smelly awaiting you! However,the exact problem can vary depending on what part of your house the blockage occurs in. For instance, most bathroom blockages are a result of gunk and hair merging to prevent the flow of water in your bath or shower.

By contrast, kitchen clogs are usually because of oil or small amounts of food particles getting stuck in the sink.

How Mike Counsil Plumbing Cleans Your Drains

Whether your home or business in the San Jose is affected by a clogged drain, the Mike Counsil Plumbing team has got you covered. A clogged drain is more than just a nuisance, it can soon be the source of water damage if the obstructions aren’t taken care of quickly by a professional plumber.

When you call (408) 703-6110 to get your San Jose home or business’s drains cleaned, we follow a strict set of procedures to make sure that the issue is resolved once and for all. As home and business owners ourselves, we know that there is nothing worse than a clogged drain coming back to haunt you over and over again. That’s why when you choose our plumbers to clean your drains, we use our professional expertise to make sure the drain is as clean as can be.

The first step in our thorough procedure begins with a visual inspection. Our professional and licensed plumbers will use a state of the art, waterproof camera to see what’s keeping water from being evacuated through the drain. This is one of the most important steps in any drain cleaning service because a plumber needs to know what’s causing the obstruction. Without visual confirmation as to what’s keeping water from flowing, a plumber won’t be able to provide the appropriate solution.

Once we have confirmed the nature of your drain’s clog, we will then either use a pressure washer or a snake to make sure your drains are clear. The solution really depends on what’s causing the blockage, so call (408) 703-6110 to schedule your drain inspection so that it can be properly cleaned as soon as possible.

Why You Need Mike Counsil Plumbing to Clean Your Drains

A lot of our satisfied clients initially skeptical that our professional plumbers will provide the advertised value for their services. They often think that there is no point in paying for a plumber to clean their home or business’s drains when they can go to the store and purchase a bottle of chemical drain cleaner.

Chemical drain cleaner is certainly a viable option, but there are consequences to pouring a ton of corrosive chemicals down your home or business’s pipes. If you have been dealing with a recurring clog and you continue to pour more chemical cleaner down your drains, it will start to wear on your pipes. Eventually, they will start to crack and leak.

Once your pipes start to crack and leak, the clogged drain will be the least of your worries because you’ll have to act fast to prevent water damage and get your pipes replaced. So, the choice is yours. You can either call (408) 703-6110 to get your pipes professionally cleaned in a way that won’t cause them to crack or leak, or you can roll the dice and give us a call when your pipes burst and require our emergency services.

To arrange for your drain cleaning, give Mike Counsil Plumbing a call today.