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Emergency Plumber

For nearly 25 years, Mike Counsil Plumbing has been providing the people of Cupertino with professional and affordable plumbing services when they need it the most—during emergencies! Leaks, clogs, breaks,and other malfunctions with your home or business’s plumbing can happen at any time, and rarely do these things occur when it is most convenient.

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Clogged Drain Repair

It isn’t difficult to spot the signs of a clog. When you have one, water will either return from the drain or pool around it. If this is happening in your toilet or sink, it is important that you act fast. Avoiding the problem isn’t going to make it go away. On the contrary, the clog will get worse as more hair, soap residue or food particles accumulate in the pipe.

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Drain Cleaning

Let’s be honest about it, clogged or blocked drains are not something that the average San Jose resident thinks about very often. However, like any problem in life, the more you ignore it the worse it becomes. While, it is true that many clogged drains in your bathroom or kitchen can be solved with a good plunger and some elbow grease, the fact of the matter is that on certain occasions, the scale of the blockage may require professional assistance to resolve it. If you are based in the San Jose area, then there is only one number to call.

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Emergency Plumbing

It’s the middle of the night and you are suddenly jolted awake from the sound of running water coming from somewhere in your San Jose home. What are you supposed to do? Well, the first thing you should do is get out of bed and make sure that one of the kids didn’t leave the faucet running. Fingers crossed that the fix is as simple as turning the faucet off, but if it’s something more serious like a full-on burst pipe, there is no way you can wait until morning for this to get looked at by a professional plumber unless you also want to deal with mold remediation and water damage restoration on top of resolving your plumbing problem.

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